The dream takes shape…

The dream takes shape…

Once introduced to the Ranger Tug line of boats, I started to learn more about the amazing community of people built around this brand – a large, extended family of boat owners across the country who help each other out by answering questions and helping with issues through well-managed forums.  They also arrange boating events and trips throughout the year that focus on the social aspect of boating.  I got invited to one of these events by my Ranger Tug friends, at the Bremerton Marina in 2012.

Once there, I got to see all of the various boat models for the first time, and was introduced to some of the great folks from Ranger Tugs. During this trip, I not only got to talk shop (so to speak) for hours, I also toured all the boats, and then my friends arranged for me to go out with a factory rep in the model that I fast was getting hot on, the R-27.

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