Seattle Boat’s Afloat

At the annual Seattle Boats Afloat boat show I had another opportunity to learn more about the boat that I had come to adore.  After several conversations with Andrew Custis, it became clear to me that if I was ever to get a boat it, would have to be a Ranger Tug — and the folks I wanted to do business with were Andrew Custis and Jeff Messmer.

One afternoon after work, I picked up our daughter Sofie and my wife Kelley met us at the show — and for the first time the whole family got to hang out on the boat and see first-hand what this is all about.   Upon leaving, I think we all felt that a new boat was in our future.

The next day I dropped by the show again, and now it was time to talk turkey.  Andrew, Jeff and I sat down to discuss model, options and color, and by the time I left I had a midnight blue Ranger Tug R-27 in the queue for delivery in March 2013 — and me slightly lighter in the wallet. The whole experience was so amazing and the thought and consideration of the Ranger crew is second to none.

Now comes the hard part…waiting until March 2013

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