Hull# 2724 Delivery Day

The culmination of about a year’s worth of dreaming, talking details with Ranger and getting financing sorted out came to fruition today. Kenny pulled up to the ramp at Gasworks Park  in Seattle with my “Current Obsession.” (Ironically it’s not mine; since the bank required Coast Guard documentation, I had to sign it over to my wife because I am not a US citizen and that’s a Coast Guard requirement…the irony).

The day was spent going through every system, looking through every hatch at water pumps, hydraulic pumps, dipsticks, switches and what have you… This is one complex piece of machinery, and along with all the required safety equipment came two stuffed ranger bags all full of manuals.

The day was jam-packed and flew by and after Kenny was comfortable that I could get her in and out of our slip safely, I dropped him of back at Gas works and headed back to our slip by the Locks. All in all we put 5 plus hours on the engine today.


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